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Why I Want to be a Social Worker

“They’re overworked and underpaid. Are you sure you want to be just a social worker?”

Yes, I am. In fact, I’m excited to be an agent of change. Everyone has suffered at some point in their life, with no exception to me. Suffering can be painful, but from that comes growth. Sometimes a person cannot see past the pain. A social worker can help empower – can be an agent of change – to that person in need. On a larger scale, a social worker can develop services, direct an agency, or create policy.

I love the meaning of the words empower, motivate, and self-determination. They resonate inside me. Since these words are some of social work’s core values, social work seems like a perfect fit for me. I also like the diversity in it. A teacher teaches a set curriculum; a Marriage Counselor only works with couples in need. In my future, I can work with children, then veterans, the elderly, addicts, immigrants, etc., or I can do the opposite and specialize in a specific therapeutic technique or for example, oncology social work. 2016 is the year I will finish my degree at Rutgers.

Jackie Kerwin is a part-time student, taking 2 classes at a time plus a field placement. As her grandmother said “slow and steady wins the race.

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