Ph.D. Application Process

Apply to the Ph.D. Program

Applicants should hold a master’s degree in social work or a related discipline. The application deadline is January 7. For an online application and instructions, click here.

Questions? Call 848-932-5333 or email Program Coordinator Uri Yarmush at, or Program Director Cassandra Simmel,

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Dual MSW/Ph.D. Program

The School of Social Work offers a Combined MSW/PhD Program. There are three paths in the Combined program: 1) Applicants may apply to the PhD program with their application to the Rutgers MSW program; 2) they may apply in their first year as a matriculated student in the Rutgers MSW program; and 3) applicants who currently hold a master’s degree in another discipline may apply to the Combined MSW/PhD Program and obtain the MSW simultaneous to completing the PhD.  Application deadline for the Combined MSW/PhD program is February 1. 

All applications for the combined degree must go through the School of Graduate Studies application process.

Application requirements for dual degree are:

  • Application to MSW/PhD Combined program
  • GRE scores (recommended but not required for the 2023/24 application) 
  • Three letters of reference (at least one should be from a professor who can speak to your intellectual abilities and potential)
  • A personal statement
  • Transcripts

It is anticipated that enrollment will be 1 or 2 highly qualified combined MSW/PhD students per year.

Students in the Combined Program must be registered full time. They may take a block field placement in the summer months. The selection and sequencing of PhD courses will be made in consultation with the Ph.D. Program Director and the student's faculty advisor.

Questions? Call 848-932-5333 or email Program Coordinator Uri Yarmush at

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