Toward a More Just Future, A Podcast from Rutgers School of Social Work

Toward a More Just Future is a podcast from Rutgers School of Social Work. We envision a future for our country and our world that is grounded in justice, and we are committed to leading for justice through a focus on innovation, excellence, collaboration, and community. Deeply grounded in inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, equity, and advancement, this podcast explores a variety of topics pertinent to social workers and students working towards progress.

Season three of Toward a More Just Future is hosted by Thomas Benjamin, Research Project Assistant at the Center for Research on Ending Violence at Rutgers School of Social Work. Thomas is also a member of the school's inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, equity and advancement committee, also known as the IIDEA committee. This season, Thomas is speaking with fellow IIDEA committee members about critical topics related to inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, equity, and advancement.

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