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MSW Certificate Programs

Social Work Certificate Programs

Rutgers’ five social work certificate programs offer MSW candidates the opportunity to focus their education on a specialized discipline. Depending on your interests and career goals, consider supplementing your Master of Social Work degree with one of the following certificates:

  • Addiction Counselor Training (ACT)
  • Aging and Health (A&H)
  • Promoting Child & Adolescent Well-Being (ChAP)
  • Latina/o/x Initiatives for Service, Training, and Assessment (LISTA)
  • Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC)

You’ll pursue a certificate as you earn your MSW, taking specialized courses and applying the skills you learn in an advanced field placement relevant to the goals of the certificate program. When you complete your MSW, your certificate will be noted on your transcript, and you’ll receive an electronic or hard copy.

Adding a certificate to your MSW degree enhances your advanced social work studies and opens career opportunities in an area of the field you care about.

Eligibility and Requirements

Each MSW certificate entails different requirements and may or may not be available in every program format. Whether you’re a current or future MSW candidate at Rutgers or a postgrad interested in adding experience and variety to your education, explore our diverse social work certificate programs to learn more.

To compare requirements and verify which MSW program structures allow for each certificate, view our certificate comparison chart.

Add a Social Work Certificate to Your MSW

Through tailored field placement opportunities, each social work certificate program offers students real-world experience providing services to various populations, from aging citizens to those struggling with addiction.

MSW students pursuing a social work certificate with their degree build experience in their specialty, bolstering their resume with a demonstrated ability to accommodate specific communities and individuals in their practice while working with other experienced professionals. 

Addiction Counselor Training (ACT) Certificate

The first program of its kind, the Addiction Counselor Training MSW Certificate fulfills the educational requirements for dual licensure as a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) and a Licensed Social Worker (LSW), as well as the qualifications to be a Certified Compulsive Gambling Counselor (CCGC).

The ACT Certificate is open to MSW students in the traditional on-campus program as well as current clinicians and graduate students in counseling programs seeking LCADC licensure.

Find ACT Certificate program details and links to apply.

Aging and Health (A&H) Certificate

In the Aging and Health MSW Certificate program, students complete a field placement in a setting that prepares them to support older adult clients and individuals living with acute or chronic health conditions.

Students in either MSW specialization at any campus can pursue the A&H Certificate full or part time.

Find Aging and Health Certificate program details and links to apply. 

Promoting Child and Adolescent Well-Being (ChAP) Certificate

The MSW Certificate in Promoting Child and Adolescent Well-Being allows students to focus their field placement and certificate courses in specific systems and youth populations in preparation for a career serving children and families.

The ChAP Certificate is offered to students in the Traditional and Blended MSW programs, including Advanced Standing and both the clinical and management and policy specializations.

Find ChAP Certificate program details and links to apply.

Latina/o/x Initiatives for Service, Training, and Assessment (LISTA) Certificate

Available to MSW students both on-campus and online, the Latina/o/x Initiatives for Service, Training, and Assessment (LISTA) Certificate equips you to serve the Latinx and Hispanic communities through culturally responsive practice.

Students pursuing the LISTA Certificate may have the opportunity to study abroad in Latin American countries as part of their MSW.

Find LISTA Certificate program details and links to apply.

Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) Certificate

Offered through Rutgers School of Social Work’s Center for Research on Ending Violence (REV), the Violence Against Women and Children MSW Certificate prepares students for careers facing issues of violence against women or children through funding opportunities, in-field practicums, and expert instruction.

Students in any of our MSW programs can apply to earn the VAWC Certificate.

Find VAWC Certificate program details and links to apply.

Other Rutgers Social Work Certificates and Continuing Education (CE)

For post-grad and practicing social workers and human service professionals seeking further study and career advancement, the School of Social Work provides hundreds of online workshops and webinars and 12 more certificate programs in key areas of the practice.

Just a few of the certificates available through Rutgers’ CE program are:

Apply to Rutgers’ MSW Certificate Programs

Earning a specialized social work certificate alongside your MSW opens and advances career opportunities serving diverse populations in a range of settings.

From February 15-April 15, the MSW certificate application for Advanced Standing students is open, but application periods vary for each program and applicant. The ACT application for new, incoming students beginning the Traditional (on campus) MSW program in Fall 2022 is open through May 1. Link to application: Applications to other certificates are currently closed. Check back in September for new information.

For more information, review admissions details and contact admissions counselors with any questions.

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Addiction Counselor Training (ACT)

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Aging & Health (A&H)

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Promoting Child & Adolescent Well-Being (ChAP)

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Latina/o/x Initiatives for Service, Training & Assessment (LISTA)

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Violence Against Women & Children (VAWC)

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