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ACT Field Overview

ACT students must complete their field placement / internship hours at a state-licensed substance abuse treatment organization to be eligible for the ACT certificate.  Social work students will be placed through our field office; students in other clinical disciplines will complete their internships through their own schools, but in coordination with ACT to insure that they are placed at a site that meets ACT requirements.

Postgraduates with a degree in a clinical discipline may choose to fulfill the experience hours required for the certificate by requesting and paying for a postgrad ACT field placement or by using their work hours at their place of employment, if it qualifies. A qualified agency is one that is licensed by the state of NJ for substance abuse treatment or one that is licensed by the state of NJ for mental health treatment that also has an addictions treatment program. 

ACT MSW students will receive supervision by a clinician who holds an LSW or LCSW and an LCADC.  In some cases, MSW students might have two supervisors, one with each credential.  Because social work graduates are preparing for both the LCSW and the LCADC, it is important to have both kinds of supervision.

ACT students not in the MSW program will receive supervision by someone in the appropriate discipline. 

All students will receive supervised work hours in the 12 core functions, and these hours will be documented for the LCADC application.  For the LCSW or other clinical mental health licenses, the supervised hours begin accruing after graduation.

Most students will complete the 300 supervised hours requirement for the LCADC. However, the license also has a 3000 related work hours requirement, and the field placement(s) will cover some, but not all, of this. For students with previous employment in an addictions treatment facility, those hours will count, too, if they can be documented.  It will be different for each person, so the licensed field instructor can help you calculate all of this information.

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