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ACT Program Overview and Requirements

For students in the MSW program, all six ACT courses will be embedded in the MSW program. These courses will substitute for the HBSE distribution course, the Advanced Clinical distribution course, and all three electives. In addition, students will be required to take one extra course, which can be taken during a summer session or during the regular academic calendar.

For postgraduates - those who have earned a clinical degree at the masters or doctoral level - the six courses can be completed on a part-time basis within one year.

Added together, these six courses will provide all the education hours needed for LCADC licensing.  The six educational courses in the ACT program are as follows:

  • HBSE: Addictive Behaviors across the Lifespan - 19:910:514
    Examines psychosocial development, through the lifecourse, highlighting the factors influencing the ways in which individuals develop and recover from addictive behavior. (HBSE Advanced Distribution Requirement)
  • Biology of Addictive Behaviors - 19:910:510
    The study of biological, neuropsychological, and psychopharmacological issues in addictions practice. (Elective)
  • Clinical Social Work: Addictive Behaviors I  - 19:910:522
    Covers the alliance, assessment, and diagnosis of substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders.(Advanced Clinical Distribution)
  • Clinical Social Work: Addictive Behaviors II - 19:910:597
    Prepares clinicians in the use of theoretically driven, evidence-based treatments in multiple modalities. (Elective)
  • Case Management in Addictions Practice - 19:910:598
    Covers making connections with the context of clients’ lives. (Elective)
  • Professional Development and Responsibility in Addictions Practice - 19:910:599
    Prepares students for ethical practice, use of supervision, professional obligations, testing, and job-seeking. (Elective)

Generally, students can choose from Saturday courses on Camden or Newark campuses, and Friday classes on the New Brunswick campus.  Classes will meet from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., between four and five times during the semester, with additional online content to complete the required contact hours.

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