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Field Education - 100% Online

Field education is an essential pedagogical component of your MSW education. In the 100% online program, the field internship begins in the third semester.

Students complete two field placements – a generalist level placement and an advanced clinical placement. Advanced standing students begin placement in their first semester and complete placement over four semesters. Students will work with the 100% online field faculty to identify an appropriate field placement setting. The School has relationships with numerous agencies across the country to meet the interests of online program students.

Review our field manual for more in-depth information related to field education: field manual

For 100% Online Students

What can students expect from their field placement experience?

  • To complete a learning contract with the agency that includes tasks and assignments from all of the social work competencies
  • To increase their client –facing skills through various experiences
  • To submit reflective assignments related to their field placement experience
  • To meet regularly with an MSW supervisor for guidance and mentorship
  • To build skills needed to become a professional social worker
  • To receive support from the field education office and a field liaison throughout placement
  • To receive an evaluation of their performance

What forms might be completed during placement?

  • Learning contract
  • Process Recording
  • Journal
  • Timesheet

All forms are available in the Canvas field course students will be enrolled in once they begin their placement.

For Field Agency Partners

We are constantly developing new placements across the country which offer a wide range of learning experiences for students. If you are interested in becoming a field agency partner with us, please click here for more information. Please note: A field instructor who is interested in partnering with us, does not need to have completed the Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) prior to hosting a student.

Please visit our FAQs page for some common questions about field education for the 100% online program.

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