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Health Area of Emphasis

Social workers have a long tradition of practicing in health care settings and advocating for the expansion of health care access for vulnerable populations. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act (2010) the demand for social work expertise in health has increased.  This area of emphasis prepares students to work to promote health and rehabilitation in a variety of settings. An area of emphasis in Health requires three relevant courses and an appropriate field placement. MSW students earn an Area of Emphasis in Health which is noted on their transcript. Please note that students in either the Clinical concentration or the MAP concentration can complete this area of emphasis. 

Recommended Social Work Courses (select three):

19:910:547 HBSE: Loss Across the Lifespan*

19:910:560 Current Issues in Developmental Disabilities

19:910:562 Chronic Illness and Disability

19:910:569 HBSE: AIDS

19:910:572 Aging and Gerontological Services

19:910:516 Clinical Social Work: Health

19:910:525 Clinical Social Work: Aging

**Please note other classes may apply 

Field Practice Opportunities

In addition, the Office of Field Education works with students with relevant experience and course work to find placement opportunities that prepare students for practice in a variety of health-related contexts. Field placement opportunities include, but are not limited to hospitals, health clinics, community-based rehabilitation facilities, mental health clinics, and family agencies. 

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