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Recent Ph.D. Dissertations


Samantha Winter
Dissertation Title:  Identifying Factors Associated with Women’s Sanitation Practices in Informal Settlements in Sub-Saharan Africa:  A Case Study of Mathare Valley in Nairobi, Kenya
Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson

Kyle Caler
Dissertation Title: Person-Centered Planning on the Front-line: Exploring Practice Frameworks of Direct Support Staff in Community Programs for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitieS
Dissertation Chair:  Allison Zippay

James Fedor
Dissertation Title:  "A Victim is a Victim": Barriers to Culturally Competent Service Delivery to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender Crime Victims.
Dissertatin Chair:  Michael LaSalao

Lydia Maria Franco
Dissertation Title: Testing the Reciprocal Relationship between Attitudinal and Behavioral Components of Engagement among Caregivers in a Multiple Family Group Intervention for Children with Behavioral ProblemS
Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson

Sarah Gold
Dissertation Title:  Housing Assistance and Educational Attainment:  A Longitudinal Study
Dissertation Chair:  Lenna Nepomnyaschy

Laura Johnson
Dissertation Title:  Increasing Financial Empowerment for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence:  A Longitudinal Evaluation of a Financial Knowledge Curriculum
Dissertation Chair:  Judy L. Postmus

Beth Sapiro
Dissertation Title: Closed off and opening up: The relational experiences of transition-age youth living with mental health difficulties
Dissertation Chair:  Cassandra Simmel


James Fedor
Dissertation Title:  "A Victim is a Victim": Barriers to Culturally Competent Service Delivery to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender Crime Victims.
Dissertation Chair:  Michael LaSala

Denalee O’Malley 
Dissertation Title:  Examining the Impact of Diabetic Status on Multiple Outcomes Among Cancer Survivors
Dissertation Chair:  Patricia A. Findley

Samantha Winter  
Dissertation Title: Identifying Factors Associated With Women’s Sanitation Practices in Informal  Settlements in Sub-Saharan Africa:  A Case Study of Mathare Valley in Nairobi, Kenya
Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson


Fiona Conway
Dissertation Title:  Aggressive Behavior and Alcohol Use:  Classification of College Athletes
Dissertation Chair:  Darcy Clay Siebert

Gretchen L. Hoge  
Dissertation Title:  Understanding and Measuring Economic Self-Sufficiency in the Context of Intimate Partner Violence and Immigration:  A Mixed-Method Study
Dissertation Chair:  Judy L. Postmus

Alexis Jemal
Dissertation Title:  Transformative Consciousness of African American Racial Oppression and White Racial Privilege:  Conceptualization, Scale Development and Testing
Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson

Shuang Lu
Dissertation Title:  Well-Being of Migrant and Left-Behind Children in China
Dissertation Chair:  Chien-Chung Huang

Sheila McMahon
Dissertation Title:  Examining Relationships Among Student Empowerment, Sense of Community, and the Implicit Curriculum:  A Multigroup Analysis of Race and Ethnicity
Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson

Alexandra Redcay
Dissertation Title:  The Impact of Attraction and Identity Fluidity on Depressive Symptoms in Young Adults:  Exploring Gender as a Moderator
Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson

Amanda Mathisen Stylianou
Dissertation Title:  The Impact of Economic Abuse on Depressive Symptoms Among Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
Dissertation Chair:  Judy L. Postmus


Louis Donnelly
Dissertation Title:  Neighborhood Disadvantage and School Dropout:  A Multilevel Analysis of Mediating Contexts
Dissertation Chair:  Ayse Akincigil

Kerrie L. Ocasio
Dissertation Title:  Understanding Individual Level Motivations for Repeat Service Use in a Family Support Program
Dissertation Chair:  Beth Angell

Bonnie Fader Wilkenfeld
Dissertation Title:  Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover:  Contextual Antecedents of Identity Complexity in Individuals with Development Disabilities
Dissertation Chair:  Judith McCoyd 


Aleksandr M. Cheryomukhin
Dissertation Title:  Development and Validation of the Azerbaijani Empowerment Scale:  Support and New Implications for Theory
Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson

Bradley Anton Forenza
Dissertation Title:  Civic Engagement Among Youth Aging out of Foster Care:  Processes and Outcomes of a Statewide Initiative
Dissertation Chair:  N. Andrew Peterson

Jamey D. Lister
Dissertation Title:  The Relationship of Gambling Goals and Loss/Win Conditions to Chasing Behavior During Slot Machine Play
Dissertation Chair:  Lia Nower

Kristen C. Niemczyk-Kistner
Dissertation Title:  U.S. Physicians Treatment of Adolescent Tobacco Use
Dissertation Chair:  Ayse Akincigil

Anasuya Ray
Dissertation Title:  In the Shadows of Armed Conflict:  Exploring Everyday Violence in Afghanistan
Dissertation Chair:  Jeffrey Longhofer


Heather F. Harcourt
Dissertation Title: Judging Failures in Moral Development: The Classification of Antisocial Behavior
Dissertation Chair: Kathleen Pottick

Nadine Murshid
Dissertation Title: Examining Linkages Among Microfinance Participation, Domestic Violence, and Help-Seeking Social Networks in Bangladesh: A Mixed-Methods Study
Dissertation Chair: Allison Zippay

Kristen Gilmore Powell
Dissertation Title: Empowerment and Effectiveness: A Mixed Methods Study of Coalition Building Within a Statewide Substance Abuse Prevention Context
Dissertation Chair: N. Andrew Peterson

Jessica Strong
Dissertation Title:  Women at War:  A Qualitative Study of Combat Experiences of Female Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
Dissertation Chair:  Beth Angell

Corinne D. Warrener
Dissertation Title: Sense of Entitlement and Dating Abusive Behavior in College Dating Relationships
Dissertation Chair: Chien-Chung Huang


Christine M. Allegra
Dissertation Title: The Influence of Neighborhood Characteristics, Peer Delinquency, and Attitudes Approving of Violence During Adolescence on Male-to-Female Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration in Young Adulthood
Dissertation Chair: Antoinette Farmer

Mi Sung Kim
Dissertation Title:  The Role of Maternal Verbal Sensitivity During Parent-Child Shared Book Reading in Socio-Emotional Functioning in the Preschool Years
Dissertation Chair:  Judith C. Baer

Cory M. Morton
Dissertation Title: Alcohol Outlets and Child Maltreatment: The Moderating Effect of Access to Community Substance Abuse and Prevention Facilities
Dissertation Chair: N. Andrew Peterson

Kathleen Giblin Ray
Dissertation Title: Protecting Newly Deployed Troops from PTSD: The Role of Preparedness
Dissertation Chair: N. Andrew Peterson

Svetlana Shpiegel
Dissertation Title: Resilience Among Youth Emancipating from Foster Care: Cumulative Risk and Protection and Their Relationship with Positive Adaptation
Dissertation Chair: Kathleen Pottick

Jeoung Ah Yoo
Dissertation Title:  The Effects of Domestic Violence on Behavior Problems of Preschool Children
Dissertation Chair:  Chien-Chung Huang

Joelle Zabotka
Dissertation Title:  “How Could I Have Done This?”:    A Qualitative Study of Birth Mothers Who Have Children Diagnosed With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Dissertation Chair:  Michael LaSala

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