Ryon Cobb
Dr. Ryon J. Cobb

Two Rutgers University faculty members, Dr. Ryon J. Cobb (Assistant Professor at the School of Social Work and Chancellor's Scholar for Inclusive Excellence in Research on Black Americans) and Dr. Dawne Mouzon (Associate Professor at the School of Arts and Sciences), received awards from the University of Michigan’s Program for Research on Black Americans (PRBA)

PRBA was established in 1976 by an interdisciplinary team of social scientists and graduate students at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research. That team of researchers was committed to “giving voice” to a heretofore largely voiceless Black America. PRBA has led to the creation of new and innovative research methods in African American communities.

Dr. Cobb earned an Early Career Excellence in Research Award and Dr. Mouzon a Mid-Career Scholar and Career Achievement Award for their outstanding research achievements.

“PRBA remains a highly regarded intellectual community of excellent scholars that produces cutting-edge research on the Black experience and remains a source of mentorship for scholars to extend their tradition,” said Dr. Cobb. “It’s an honor to receive this award and to extend the intellectual tradition of PRBA, its founder (the late James S. Jackson), director (Robert Joseph Taylor), and affiliates.”

“I am beyond honored to have been recognized by PRBA for my research,” said Dr. Mouzon. “The PRBA founders and scholars at the University of Michigan quite literally built the fields of Black American social and health research, and they set the precedent of unapologetically centering our lived experiences. The spirit of the present time makes this mission especially imperative, and I am inspired to carry their legacy forward.”