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Students Accomplishments

The DSW department is proud of all of the accomplishments by our students! Here are some of the many accomplishments by our current DSW students. Updates will be made periodically to this page.



Allison Bates

Emily Buchenhorst

Stephanie M. Cedeño   

Deborah Dumont

Karie McGuire

  • McGuire, K. (2018). The embodiment of complex trauma in domestic minor sex trafficking victims and the dangers of misidentification. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 29(4),535-547. 

  • McGuire, K. (2019). Straight on the streets and gay for the stay: The emerging bisexuality of a trafficked female. In M. Jaffe, M. Conti, J. Longhofer & J. Floercsh (Eds.) The social work and LGBTQ sexual trauma casebook (Chapter 8).  London, United Kingdom: Routledge.

  • McGuire, K, (2020) Releasing Rosie: A Case of pediatric hospice. In McCoyd, J. L. M., Koller, J. M. & Walter, C. A. (2020).  Grief and loss across the lifespan: A biopsychosocial perspective (3rd ed).  New York: Springer Publishing Co.

  • NASW National Conference, June 2020 - Topic:  Unwanted Consensual Sex: Addressing the Hidden and Unspoken Education of Submission in Practice 

  • NASW New Jersey Conference, April 2020 - Topic: Sex Trafficking in the USA: The Voices of Survivors Here at Home

  • NASW New Jersey Conference,  April 2019 - Topic: Complex Trauma in Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and the Dangers of Misidentification

  • International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference,  September 2018 - Topic: Complex Trauma in Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and the Dangers of Misidentification

Kira O'Brien

Kayti Protos

  • Protos, K. (2020). Restricting the gendered body: Understanding the trans-masculine adolescent with anorexia. Clinical Social Work Journal.

  • Co-author of the book A clinician’s guide to gender identity and body image: Practical support for working with transgender and non-binary clients

  • Panelist, “Understanding the opioid epidemic in rural counties: Stories from healthcare professionals on the front line” with the Interprofessional Behavioral Healthcare Regional Summit in Pittsburgh, PA, March 4, 2020

  • Invited co-lecturer, “Eating disorders and body dissatisfaction” at the Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health Conference sponsored by the Fenway Institute and Harvard Medical School, November 3, 2019

  • Presentation, “Restricting the gendered body: Understanding the trans-masculine adolescent with anorexia” as part of the LGBTQIA+ and Two-Spirit Track at the Council on Social Work Education, October 27, 2019

  • Presentation, “Becoming a safe space for LGBTQ+ clients” at the NASW-PA and PASWE conference, September 24 2019

  • Co-presenter, “Social work roles in higher education: Faculty, administration, and community partnership” at the NASW-PA and PASWE conference, September 23, 2019

  • Co-presenter, “Queering the body: Body image and gender expansive adolescents and young adults” at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, July 25, 2019

  • Presentation, “Queering recovery: Substance use and eating disorder recovery in transgender and gender expansive young adults” at Innovations in Behavioral Health Conference, June 20, 2019

  • Co-presenter, “Healing through creativity: The body in LGBTQ+ clients” at the Renfrew Center Foundation Conference, November 10, 2018


Tam Le Rovitto


Tara Ryan- DeDominicis



Edith Lori Slater


Sherri Wilson

  • 2020 NASW National Conference, Social Workers Make a Difference:How do learning disabilities & ASD go undetected and how can socials workers effectively intervene?


Ren Winnett





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