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FAQs about Online Learning

Are online classes synchronous or asynchronous? Is there a fixed meeting time?

Our online courses in the blended program are asynchronous, which means that they are not typically held during a fixed meeting time. However, students have regularly scheduled assignments and due dates, just like in a traditional classroom, and students and faculty interact via threaded discussions. Some courses, however, will offer opportunities for synchronous contact with faculty and/or students. For instance, some faculty may hold ‘live’ office hours where they can be contacted via webcam or chatroom. Other courses may have group assignments, where students will have to work together. Finally, some faculty may hold optional ‘live’ sections where students come together via webcam or audio technologies.

How big are the classes? How will I have contact with my professor in an online class?

Sections will be capped at 25 students per online class. This relatively small size ensures that students will receive individualized attention from instructors and that the courses are highly interactive. In asynchronous online classes, most interaction takes places between instructors and students through threaded discussions.

Is online learning right for me?

The most successful online learners are self-motivated and self-disciplined. Because of the flexibility of online learning, students must be extremely responsible about budgeting their time. The online environment requires strong communication skills. An online learner must be comfortable using nonverbal skills to present information and respond to feedback. Finally, the most successful online learners are very comfortable with technology, have consistent and reliable access to the internet, and have the willingness to address problems related to technology. 

How does the Blended Online Program differ from the School of Social Work's traditional MSW degree?

The Blended Online MSW program is subject to the same rigor and requirements as the School of Social Work's on-campus degree program, accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.  Courses are taught by Rutgers faculty and adjuncts, and students are graded by the same standards as all other students.  The only differences are the 3-year course sequencing format and number of online courses offered. 

What will my diploma say?

Students in the Blended Online Program earn a Rutgers University School of Social Work degree.  There will be no mention of your participation in a blended (ie. online and traditional classroom) program.

Will I have access to on-campus facilities, such as libraries and speaker series, as a Blended Program student?

Absolutely! We encourage blended students to utilize all the Rutgers University on-campus facilities. As with traditional students, there may be times when you are encouraged and/or required to go to the libraries or attend an on-campus event.

Do blended students attend orientation?

Yes. Blended students are required to attend an in-person orientation on the New Brunswick campus. Orientation typically takes place in late August.

What are the technological requirements for this program?

Please visit to ensure that you fulfill the technical requirements.  Most up-to-date computers and modems fulfill these requirements. Some courses may require a webcam and/or microphone. In these cases, students will be notified at registration.  Please note that the Blended Program offers 24/7 technical support.

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