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Faculty & Staff

Jeounghee Kim

Associate Professor

PhD, Washington in St. Louis

Dr. Kim's research interests include poverty, economic inequality, low income labor markets, and policy analysis.

(848) 932-5386 x25386

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Jeounghee Kim is an Associate Professor of Social Work (Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis, 2006). She specializes in analyzing the effects of employment, welfare policies, and family structure on the economic well-being of low-income individuals. She conducts quantitative data analyses using large public data files with a special interest in longitudinal research methods. She is currently examining how the welfare reform of 1996 has affected poor women's job quality and retention and the dynamics of their welfare use. She is also studying how income status (economic deprivation) affects union formation and dissolution among low-income populations. Prior to joining the school, she was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Martha N. Ozawa Center for Social Policy Studies at Washington University in St. Louis. Her work appeared in Social Work Research, Children and Youth Services Review, and Journal of Family and Economic Issues.

Courses Taught: 

  • Social Welfare Policies and Services I
  • (MSW) Women's Issues
  • (MSW) Social Policy Analysis (Ph.D.)

Selected Recent Publications: 

Joo, M. & Kim. J. (In press). National high school graduation rate: Are recent cohorts taking more time to graduate? Education and Urban Society.

Kim, J. & Joo, M. (2013). Trend in US-born dropouts' GED and postsecondary degree acquisition: Differences by gender and race/ethnicity. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research.

Joo, M., & Kim. J. (2013). Net effects of poverty on welfare use and dependency among children by family immigration and citizenship statuses. Children and Youth Services Review, 35(9), 1556-1565.

Kim, J. (2012c). Educational differences in marital dissolution: Comparison of White and African American women. Family Relations, 61(4), 811-824.

Kim, J. (2012b). Welfare reform and college enrollment among single mothers. Social Service Review,85(4), 69-91

Kim, J. (2012a). The effects of welfare-to-work strategies on welfare recipients' employment dynamics.Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 33(1), 130-142.

Kim, J. & Joo, M. (2011). Did PRWORA's mandatory school attendance policy increase attendance among targeted teenage girls? Children and Youth Services Review, 33(9), 1616-1623.

Kim, J. (2010b). A diverging trend of marital dissolution by income class. Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, 51(7), 396-412.

Kim, J. (2010a). Welfare-to-work programs and the dynamics of TANF use. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 31(2), 198-211.

Kim, J. & Joo, M. (2009). Work-related activities of single mothers before and after welfare reform. Monthly Labor Review, December. 3-17.

Kim, J. (2009b). Barriers to work among poor families: Health limitations, family structure, and lack of job opportunities. Journal of Policy Practice,8(4), 317- 334.

Kim, J. (2009a). Does training yield positive outcomes for women on public assistance? Journal of Policy Practice, 8(3), 204-223.

Pandey, S., & Kim, J.(2008). Path to poverty alleviation: Marriage or postsecondary education? Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 29(1), 166-184.

Ozawa, M., Kim, J.& Joo, M. (2006). Income class and accumulation of net worth in the United States.Social Work Research, 30(4), 211-222.

Ozawa, M., Kim, J., & Joo, M. (2006). Volatility in financial conditions of American people. Journal of Social Policy and Social Work, 10, 55-67.

Ozawa, M., Joo, M., & Kim, J. (2004). Economic deprivation and child well-being: A state-by-state analysis of child well-being. Children and Youth Service Review,26 (8), 785-801.

Tirrito, T., Monique E. D., & Kim, J.(2002). Social work doctoral education in Australia and New Zealand.Journal of International and Comparative Social Welfare, 18 (1+2), 137-143.

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