Dr. Victor is a social worker with interdisciplinary training in public health and clinical research. He received postdoctoral research training and support from the Center for Behavioral Health and Justice at Wayne State University and earned his PhD and MSW from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Victor is a community-driven researcher who uses mixed-methods approaches to understand how health concerns related to substance use interacts within the context of the  criminal/legal system (e.g., jails, prisons, law enforcement, and crisis response) and drug policy. The goal of his research is to mitigate the risk of fatal and non-fatal overdose by incorporating harm reduction approaches. Dr. Victor’s work has contributed to the understanding of the iatrogenic effect of criminal/legal systems on health and well-being by conducting methodologically rigorous time-to-event approaches and by leveraging administrative data to inform overdose prevention strategies. Dr. Victor’s instructional history includesHuman Behavior in the Social Environment, History of Social Welfare, and the Inside/Out Prison Exchange Program. He also has professional experience in program evaluation and as a mitigation specialist in capital cases.