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MSW Intensive Weekend Program

The Intensive Weekend (IW) program is the only MSW program at Rutgers and in the State of New Jersey specifically designed for employed students with an experiential background in the human services and related fields. The IW program combines an emphasis on in-person teaching and learning with the convenience of hybrid education and a manageable field schedule. September is the start date for this year-round, three-term program.  All students, including students admitted with Advanced Standing who have an undergraduate degree in social work, begin their studies in the fall semester.

MSW Education conceived for the working professional  

Classes meet one weekend a month, supported in the interim weeks by online activities and assignments.*  

  • In-person classes provide dynamic opportunities to process theory and its application to practice, critical for experienced practitioners.  
  • Asynchronous online components permit students to prepare material in accordance with their schedules and a synchronous online class each month facilitates communication among students and their instructor. 
  • Sequential courses permit students to focus on one subject matter at a time. 

Cohorts provide a supportive educational environment, opportunities to learn from similarly employed students across a variety of fields and build a network of professional relationships that extends into their future careers.  

*During the Pandemic, in-person classes have been replaced by remote instruction. We look forward to being back in the classroom as soon as health and safety conditions permit!

Field Education

Field education, an essential pedagogical component of MSW education, is the equivalent of 1 day per week in the IW program and may be split into 2 or more days. Field education begins in September of the first year and continues year round through to the completion of coursework. 

  • Most field internships are workplace-based, although alternate placements are arranged if not possible at the student's place of employment.
  • Students remain in a single placement throughout the duration of their studies, provided the placement provides progressively challenging opportunities for professional growth. Placement changes are possible if a single placement does not meet MSW pedagogical goals.  

For more information about MSW Field Education, consult the School of Social Work's Field Manual, with special attention to Intensive Weekend pages.

Clinical Specialization with a Leadership Focus

The Intensive Weekend program combines a clinical specialization with coursework in supervisory and management practice to provide students with a strong clinical foundation and the skills needed for future leadership in their respective fields. 


Tuition and fee costs are comparable to costs for on campus study but are spread throughout the year over 3 terms. Students generally take 7.5 credits in each term, though this may vary according to their calendar.  In-state and out of state tuition rates apply.  

Learn More

Use these links to access important information relevant to your studies:

For more information about application and admission requirements, prospective students may contact the Office of Admissions at or 848-932-4363.

For additional program information, contact the Intensive Weekend program at

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