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MSW Intensive Weekend Program

The Intensive Weekend (IW) Program provides students employed full-time in human services and related fields with access to MSW education that is manageable. The program facilitates the ability to balance professional and personal lives with educational goals and builds a network of support and professional relationships that follows students into their professional careers.  The program has a September start date for all students, including students admitted with Advanced Standing with an undergraduate degree in social work.

Clinical Specialization with a Leadership Focus

The Intensive Weekend program combines a clinical specialization with coursework in supervisory and management practice to provide students with a strong clinical foundation and the skills needed for future leadership in their respective fields. 

Field Education

Field education is an essential pedagogical component of MSW education. Most field internships are workplace-based in the Intensive Weekend Program. However, alternate field placement assignments are arranged if a field internship is not possible at the student's place of employment. Field education begins in September of the first year and continues through to the completion of the coursework. Usually, students remain in a single placement throughout the duration of their studies, provided that the placement provides progressively challenging opportunities for professional growth. Placement changes are possible if a single placement does not meet MSW pedagogical goals.  For more information about MSW Field Education, consult the School of Social Work's Field Manual.

Writing for Social Workers

All students begin the program with a writing course to prepare for the rigors of academic writing. Writing for Social Workers is a non-credit course taken prior to the start of academic course work.  Students complete an individualized assessment of writing strengths and challenges, review APA guidelines and the use of scholarly sources, and develop strategies to plan and write research papers.  

The course consists of 3 half-day in person classes in September and October, scheduled in tandem with Field Orientation, and accompanied by online activities and assignments. 

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If you have questions or need additional information, prospective students may contact the Office of Admissions at or 848-932-4363.

Current students and employers may contact the Intensive Weekend department at

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