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Clinical Certificate in Bowen Family Systems Theory

Certificate Program Description

Bowen Family Systems Theory, for decades a staple in social services education and practice, provides a conceptual framework – consistent with 21st century evolutionary thinking and recent findings in the natural and neuro-sciences – for understanding human behavior, families, organizations, and human society as active living multigenerational emotional systems.

Due to its accessible assessment approach, the extraordinary breadth of its application, and congruence with the natural and neuro-sciences, Bowen theory is regarded as one of the most important and substantive social-behavioral theories of the 20th and current centuries with the potential for inclusion in a comprehensive natural science of human behavior.

This certificate program, offered in conjunction with the Center for Family, Organizational, and Natural Systems Education, is designed for individuals who want to develop a solid understanding of: Bowen theory; its natural science foundations; a systems thinking approach to emotional symptoms, physical symptoms, and human behavior; and how to use this theory to manage self in professional endeavors and personal life. Each of the 10 full-day workshops examines one of the theory’s eight interlocking concepts or one or more of the theory’s underlying hypotheses.


Certificate Program Format

The Basic Certificate Program runs from September through June. You can choose from two cohorts:

  1. Friday Cohort: 10 day-long workshops/supervision, (Maximum of eight participants)
  2. Saturday Cohort: 10 day-long workshops/supervision, (Maximum of eight participants)

To receive the Clinical Certificate in Bowen Family Systems Theory – Basic Program, you must attend all the workshops in your cohort and participate in individual or group supervision sessions held immediately after each day-long workshop. Participants not enrolled in the institute-level program, can take individual workshops in the series. Those who attend all 10 day-long workshops and supervision components of the Basic Program can enroll in a similarly structured Advanced Program beginning the next academic year.

Workshop learning opportunities include: presentations, theory and practice video segments, case study assessments, and participation in a 90-minute live webcast with the practitioner-scholar who is researching and writing the chapter on the workshop Bowen theory concept or hypothesis for Towards a Systems Science of Human Behavior: The Odyssey of Bowen Family Systems Theory – a book, being co-edited by workshop series facilitators Charles White and Ellen Rogan, which aims to satisfy a necessary condition in Bowen theory’s movement towards becoming science – documenting the theory’s relationship to, and extension from, current natural and neuro-science research findings. Individuals can enroll in the Bowen Family Systems Theory series at one of two levels of participation:


Institute-Level Program

Cost: $2,500
When: 10 Fridays or 10 Saturdays, September - June
Time: 9:30am – 6:00pm
  • 10 full-day workshops
  • Six group supervision sessions (1.75 hours per session)
  • Two individual supervision sessions (1 hour per session)
CEUs: 75 clinical CE Hours
Please Note:
  • Attendance at all 10 day-long and all the individual and group supervision sessions is required to earn the Clinical Certificate in Bowen Family Systems Theory – Basic Program
  • Early enrollment is strongly recommended in that both cohorts programs are limited to eight participants each
  • An Advanced Program is offered to those who have attended all 10 Basic Program workshops and supervision sessions
  • Discounts cannot be applied to this certificate program
  • NOTE: An application must be completed prior to participation in the Institute-Level Program. See link below:


Single Day Workshops

The series workshops can be taken without enrolling in the full certificate 

Cost: $129 per workshop
When: 10 Fridays or 10 Saturdays, September - June
Time: 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
CEUs: 5.5 clinical CEUs per workshop
Please Note:
  • You can take any session individually wiothout committing to the full certificate program.
  • Supervision sessions are not included or offered as part of Single Workshop(s)
  • Single Workshop enrollment is available online or via the catalog registration form. No application is needed for single-day attendance.
  • Up to two (2) single-day workshops in the year immediately before Institute-Level Program enrollment may be counted towards the Institute-Level Program requirements.

Register for single day workshops here


Certificate Program Application: Application for a 2018-2019 Cohort

Bowen Program Overview: Download an overview

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