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Online funding resources

In order to make the process of applying for funding more seemless for our SSW faculty and staff, we are building a library of online resources. These individual documents will help to facilitate the proposal process. 

Internal Procedures for Grant Proposals: This document explains the steps to take when preparing a grant proposal or contract (including subcontracts and/or renewals).

ORED’s Faculty Research Portal: This portal within the Office of Research and Economic Development serves as a virtual one-stop shop for all research-related needs. 

Submission Timeline: Drafting a work plan or timeline for proposal submission can assist the principal investigator with tracking the status of multiple deadline-driven proposal development activities. Recommended target dates prior to the proposal deadline below are generalized for most proposals. However, the particular guidelines associated with each proposal should dictate when specific items are completed.

Faculty can find additional SSW research resources by logging into the internal "P" drive and searching the "ORS Grant Resources" folder. Additional resources include a grants library, ORSP-related documents, and various research guides, including the Resources and Environment Template which offers researchers a starting point for describing the facilities, equipment, and other resources available to externally-funded projects at Rutgers and at the School. 

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