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Emerging Scholar IIDEA Research Award

Nominations for the 2021 Emerging Scholar IIDEA Research Award are closed. Learn more about the award below.

Purpose: This award is to recognize RUSSW students who have made outstanding and innovative contributions to IIDEA research initiatives. The individual(s) recognized with this award will serve as a model for how IIDEA perspectives can permeate students’ research or dissertation work.

Eligibility: All RUSSW students from all academic levels (bachelors, masters, doctoral) are eligible for nomination.

Criteria for Selection: The Research Advisory and IIDEA Committees will review applications based on the following criteria: Commitment and contributions to advancing IIDEA research or dissertation work.

Award: One total award will be made, consisting of $2,000 in research or professional development support. Awardee(s) will be recognized during the RUSSW Convocation.

Nomination Guidelines: Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated for the award by completing the online 2021 RUSSW IIDEA Research Awards – Nomination Form. Individuals who are nominated by others will be contacted to confirm that they accept the nomination. We will request the following materials:

  1. Full Name of Nominee

  2. Other Team Members’ Full Names (if applicable)

  3. Nominee Contact Information
  4. Materials demonstrating contributions: Abbreviated CV(s), relevant publications 
  5. Maximum of 1-page, single-spaced document outlining the nominee's enduring commitment as well as outstanding and innovative contributions to IIDEA research.

For inquiries please e-mail

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