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Office of Global Social Work Programs

Welcome to the Office of Global Social Work Programs at Rutgers School of Social Work. Our mission is to promote global citizenship and professional action among social work students, alumni, faculty and staff, and practitioners. We achieve this through education, advocacy, research, and community service locally and globally.

The Office works to bring the world into the classroom locally through global content that is infused into the curriculum as well as globally through global research, education, and service opportunities for students and faculty.

To meet our vision, we engage in a variety of activities, including:

  • Advocating for increased recognition of social work as a global profession with specialized knowledge and skills to empower individuals, families, and communities on a global scale
  • Fostering the development of global social work and international networks using technology for student and faculty learning, research, and practice
  • Expanding instructional programs and course content on topics relevant to global problems such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, disasters, gender-based violence, trafficking in persons, aging, disability, and child abuse and neglect
  • Advancing global education, research, and practice opportunities for SSW students and faculty through resource development and technical assistance
  • Fostering connections with global organizations such as the United Nations and UNICEF, international development organizations such as USAID, and foreign governments and educational institutions to advance global social work education, research, and practice
  • Advancing global initiatives within the Rutgers community through inter-professional, collaborative projects with other centers and institutes, departments, and schools

Get Involved
Support the initiatives of the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance in the development of global competencies and skills for professional and paraprofessional social workers through technical assistance by faculty and students.

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