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Before You Graduate...

Before you graduate from The Rutgers School of Social Work, make sure you take Professor Mark Lamar. During my first year as an MSW student, I had the good fortunate to take Mr. Lamar twice. Through these experiences, I observed first-hand the quality of character that this man possesses. He is kind and compassionate. He makes personal connections with each and every one of his students. He gladly lends all of his experience to his classes. He is incredibly giving and selfless. Quite simply, Professor Lamar is the man. I’ve never spoken with anyone who disagrees. Do yourself a favor and register for one of his classes before you graduate. He’ll make a positive difference in your life. I guarantee it.

About the author: John Schafhauser is a second-year Nonprofit Public Management MSW student in the Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) program.

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