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Election Day 2020 with the RU Social Policy Network
November 3, 2020

The Social Work Policy Network sends weekly resources and updates regarding national policy, NJ policy, events, opportunities & more. Today, they return for the first time of the 2020-2021 academic year - just in time for the 2020 Presidential Election! The Social Work Policy Network's e-newsletter is created by Brittany Libby, MSW Graduate Student, Network Research Assistant and Dr. Lenna Nepomnyaschy, RU Associate Professor, Network Founder. Subscribe today! 

YOUR VOTE MATTERS: Resisting National Voter Suppression

What is Voter Suppression?: In recent years, states have challenged voting rights, targeting poor, young, aging, and minority voters.
Black,Hispanic, and Young Workers have been left behind by policymakers, but will they vote?: Learn about previous voter turnout of these populations and whether 2020 offers new opportunities for increased voter turnout.
Native American Vote Could Decide Key Senate Races while Battling Intense Voter Suppression: Indigenous voters in America have historically been a swing vote, choosing presidential candidates based upon specific relevant issues.
Felon Disenfranchisement: State laws vary regarding the voting rights of people who have been incarcerated, yet the majority have excluded this population from all voting.
Blind NJ residents are denied private, independent votes in 2020 election: Laws protecting voter privacy and rights are limited for voters who are blind or low vision. Advocates are speaking out against exclusionary policies.

Personalized Ballot 2020: Review your 2020 election ballot before going to the polls - with details regarding each national, state, and local election candidates as well as each listed public question.
Vote by Mail? Track Your Ballot Here: Ensure that your ballot has been received and counted.
How to Vote in Person in NJ for 2020 Election: Planning to vote in person? Have a plan and understand what changes are in effect this year.

New Jersey 2020 Local Elections Explained: What is happening in your local election? Review your 2020 election ballot, including a breakdown of who you which offices will be listed on the ballot and other important localized info.
Watch election results for the North Jersey Local Election
Watch election results for the Central Jersey Local Election.
Watch election results for the Jersey Shore Local Election
Watch election results for the South Jersey Local Election
Freeholders No More - Murphy signs bill ending county title criticized as racist: Despite the high prevalence of 'Freeholder' listed on local ballots across NJ this year, the term is "on its way out". In January of 2020, Gov. Murphy signed a bill to prohibit the NJ government from using such racially loaded and historically exclusionary vocabulary. Prior to this bill, NJ is the only state to continue using this colonial-era term. Starting in January of 2021, NJ Freeholders will officially be known as Boards of County Commissioners. As a result, the Election of 2020 is the final year that Freeholder is to be included on any ballot.

Lawmakers Hope Election Releases Pressure on Stimulus Talks: No decisions have been made on a stimulus package for Americans still affected by Covid-19, primarily because politicians fear making decisions prior to a contentious election.Are you watching your Senate lawmakers? Here's why you should: Covid-19, redistricting, and budgeting will be affected by lawmakers, but who will be the Senate majority and which laws will be prioritized? This election will decide.
The 13 Races that Determine the Senate Majority: Republicans currently hold the Senate with a 53-47 majority. Key 2020 Senate races could either flip the house or give a 50-50 split. What is next?
10 House Races to Watch: Democratic majority currently holds the House of Representatives. Republicans are strategizing for a big win. Meanwhile, Democrats are pushing for 5 seats.

The Most Consequential Election of a Lifetime: 93 million Americans have already voted, a huge turnout largely influenced by the contentious nature of this years election. Key demographics are impacting the outcome of this election within important regions of the country.
The Case for Abolishing the Electoral College: What is the electoral college, when was it founded, and why is this system now irrelevant?
The Battleground: The States that will Determine the 2020 Election: Identify the states that are critical for a presidential victory this year, a determination influenced by the electoral college.
Why Bush v Gore still Matter in 2020: In 2000, Bush's victory was reliant on Supreme Court decisions. This election is still debated to this day. A similar scenario is likely to occur in 2020.

ELECTION RESULTS: Protecting Democracy
Election Night Coverage with Democracy Now!: Final results may not be known on Election Night, nonetheless, live coverage will be important to watch. Watch with Democracy Now.
How Long Will it Take to Count the Vote?: Key states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan have archaic policies for the processing of mail-in-ballots. This will cause for slow counting from states who already have the potential to determine our President for the next 4 years.
Why the Risk of Post-Election Violence is So High: Trump is applauding his supporters for intimidating voters, has spread conspiracies about voter fraud, and is suing states so they cannot count mail-in-ballots after election day. Politics has become polarized, with the likelihood of a threatened transfer of power being more likely now than in any other recent US election.
Protect the Results: An attempted coup is likely with this years election. Join nationwide efforts to resist any presidential power-grab.

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