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Faculty & Staff

Patricia Findley

Associate Professor, Director, Master of Social Work Program and Special Assistant to the Dean for Interprofessional Health Initiatives

MSW, Loyola University, Chicago, and DrPH, University of Illinois, Chicago

Dr. Findley's research interests include physical disability, chronic illnesses, interprofessional health, women's health, and the veteran population.


Patricia A. Findley, Dr.PH, MSW, is an Associate Professor of Social Work, Director of the MSW program, and Special Assistant to the Dean for Interprofessional Health Initiatives. Her research interests include chronic illness, physical disability, interprofessional health education, disaster preparedness and response, and cancer survivorship. She holds a research scholar position within the Veterans Administration where she explores both physical and mental health issues, as well as trauma issues within the veteran population. Past projects included examining a Medicaid Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver through a NIH K-Award grant and validation of the Medical Listings and program reform of the Social Security Disability Determination Process through a collaborative agreement with the Social Security Administration. She has a long clinical history in working with those with disabilities in medical rehabilitation settings, and co-authored a book, The Cancer Survivor Handbook: The Essential Guide to Cancer Survivorship. With funding from USAID, she has collaborated with American, Israeli, and Palestinian colleagues on educating students and mental health professionals on disaster preparedness and response. More recent work has her exploring the impact of Hurricane Sandy on both individuals in New Jersey as well as the state behavioral health system response to the storm. Her research appears in peer-reviewed rehabilitation, public health and medical journals including Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Women's Health Issues, Preventive Medicine, and Journal of General Internal Medicine. She serves a senior associate and managing editor for the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation.

Courses Taught: 

  • Social Welfare Policy & Services I
  • Social Work Practice I
  • Research Methods for Social Work I
  • Chronic Illness and Disability
  • Intervention Research (Doctoral Level) 

Selected Recent Publications: 

Wiener, R.C., Shen, C.  Findley, P.A. Sambamoorthi, U. (2018) Dental fluorosis over time, NHANES 2001-2002 to 2011-2012, Journal of Dental Hygiene, 92(1), 23-29

Sabato, E., Owens, J., Mauro, AM, Findley, P., Sangeeta, L., Fenesy, K. (2018).Integrating social determinants of health into dental curricula: an interprofessional approach, Journal of Dental Education, (82) 3, 237-245. doi:10.21815/JDE.018.022

Wiener C, Shen C, Sambamoorthi U, Findley PA. (2017). Rural veterans' dental utilization, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, 2014. Journal of Public Health Dentistry, 77 (4), 383–392.

Chopra I, Dwibedi N, Mattes M, Tan X, Findley PA, Sambamoorthi U. (2017). Non-adherence to Statins and Antihypertensives and Hospitalizations among Elderly Medicare Beneficiaries with Incident Cancer. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, 15, (11), 1351-1360.

Pruginin, I., Findley, P.A., Isralowitz, R. (2017) Adaptation and resilience among clinicians under missile attack: Shared traumatic reality, International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 15 (3), 684–700. doi:10.1007/s11469-017-9748-9.

Findley, P., Pottick, K., Giordano, S. (2017). Educating social work students in disaster response. Journal of Clinical Social Work, 45 (2), 159–167.

R. Isralowitz. & P. Findley. (Editors). (2016). Mental health and addiction care in the Middle East. New York: Springer International Publishing

Findley, P., Plummer, S., McMahon, S. (2016).Exploring the experience of abuse of college students with disabilities, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 31(17) 2801–2823.

Willard, S., Findley, P., Wagner, M. (2016). Rutgers/FOCUS wellness center: An innovative practice and an investment in the future of Newark. Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice, 3, 1-4.

Parrot, J.S., Findley, P., & Rosenthal, M. (2016) Developing a recursive evaluation plan of a complex interprofessional healthcare education initiative. Journal of Research in Interprofessional Practice and Education, 6, (1), 1-25.

Strong, J., Findley, P, McMahon, S., Angel, B. (2015). What is war?  Female veterans’ experiences of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan Affiila, 30 (4), 489-503.

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