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Spring 2021 Semester

Synchronous Remote Course Structure for Spring 2021 | Three required classes (SW Practice II, course number 501; Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis, course number 507; and Clinical Social Work, course number 512) will be offered in a 2 hour, 40 minute synchronous remote format via Zoom. All other synchronous remote classes will be offered in a 90 minute (synchronous)/50 minute (asynchronous) format via Zoom. Synchronous Remote Section numbers: 06 – 19 (New Brunswick);  20 – 30 (Newark);  55 – 59 (Camden)

Fully Online Asynchronous Classes | These classes are fully asynchronous and have no scheduled meeting time in the schedule. They offer weekly modules with recorded lectures, faculty-led discussion boards, as well as other weekly assignments. The courses are designed to facilitate faculty and student interaction and engagement. They may have more than one due date during the course of a week. Asynchronous Section Numbers: 90s

Face to Face Classes Spring 2021 | We are offering a very limited number of face-to-face classes. Please note that if you are enrolled in a face-to-face class you are expected to abide by University testing requirements and you should have received an email detailing the requirements and testing locations.  

How do I know if my class in synchronous remote, face to face or fully online? | If you are confused, please view your course schedule on then closely compare your schedule with the full online schedule of classes, which could be viewed here . Also, see our video below which provides a step-by-step tutorial. 


Canvas Instructions for Online Learning

Below please find links to Canvas instructions.

General Canvas Resources

Canvas Mobile Apps

General Zoom Resources


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