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BA in Social Work Admissions

Apply Now (2019 only)

Major Declaration Timeline

Continuing Rutgers students and transfer students should apply early in the spring semester of their sophomore year, as they are approaching the completion of general education or core requirements and 60 credits. The priority deadline to declare your major in social work is February 15th

Major Requirements

In order to be approved for the social work major, you must have completed the following:

  • First two years of a bachelor's degree with at least a 3.0 GPA.  Students begin required social work classes at the beginning of their junior year.  
  • Approximately 60 credits, including most, if not all, of the University's general education or core requirements.
  • Pre-requisites for the Social Work major.
    • Human Biology or Facts of Life (Camden)
    • Basic Psychology
    • Statistics for Social Science or Elementary Applied Statistics
    • Introduction to Sociology
  • One course from two of the following areas:
    • Art, Communications/Speech, History, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Theatre

Declaration Procedure for Fall 2020

  • Declaring the social work major is as easy as 1-2-3:
    1. ​​Confirm that you meet the GPA and course requirements for the social work major.
    2. Complete the Social Work Major Declaration form (available in Oct 2019). *Transfer students to the Camden campus do not need to complete this form, simply complete the undergraduate application and select social work as your major.
    3. Once confirmed eligible for the major, register for classes!

Decision and Notification

Students who submit thier major declaration form and meet all social work requirements are notified of approval for the social work major in the spring semester.  Declaration forms should be submitted by February 15th in order to ensure space availability in the major. Students will receive confirmation of thier major in social work via email.  

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