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When Social Work Takes You Around the World
August 1, 2019

MSW student Ana Dumic learned what trauma looked like at an early age. After seeing the effects of Yugoslavia’s chaotic breakup on the country’s children, she knew she had to do something to protect them.

“I came face-to-face with many traumatized children when I was just a child myself,” Dumic says. “This pushed me towards a special, lifelong interest in the wellbeing of children, protecting them from physical, mental, and sexual abuse."

Dumic completed her undergraduate studies in civil and environmental protection, earning her degree in Serbia. Desiring a master’s degree, Ana searched for schools in the United States, and after visiting several open houses, she settled on Rutgers School of Social Work. “Rutgers School of Social Work was the one I fell for when I first stepped on campus,” Dumic says.

Dumic immediately felt welcomed at Rutgers as the Office of Global Social Work Programs helped her complete her application. She has been impressed by her peers’ and professors’ high level of experience, as well as the resources the school provides its students.

“The campus is one of the most diverse in the United States, and the school ranks amongst the best for social work,” Dumic says. “All of these things influenced my decision to attend Rutgers.”

Dumic has found her passion thanks to her field placements where she has gained experience serving young people with special needs. This passion led her to pursue a certificate in Promoting Child & Adolescent Wellbeing, which will help her achieve her goal of practicing clinical social work and promoting the mental health and welfare of children.


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