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Welcome MSW Class of 2021: Kendle Bryan
April 27, 2020

Help us welcome our new class of students starting this summer and fall! If you are a prospective student, or may know someone interested in our programs, reach out to our admissions team at

Tell us about yourself. Why choose social work?
I applied to Rutgers University Camden in 2018 after receiving my associate's degree from Camden County College. Choosing Rutgers University was a no-brainer as it was close to home and I have family members who are alumni of the university. I am currently a senior in the BASW program and plan on starting the Advanced Standing MSW program this summer. For social work, I chose to enter the field for my love of working with individuals and hopefully setting them on a path to a better life than what they may have experienced before. I believe that everyone deserves an equal chance at creating the life they want to live.

Do you have a specific research or focus area in mind?
I've selected the clinical specialization as I want to work one-on-one with individuals and experience hands-on learning. I have a passion for working with children and families and currently have a field placement working with children with behavioral and emotional disabilities. I hope to stay on this path and eventually build a career working with this population.

What are you most excited about when you begin your MSW?
I am most excited about strengthening my social work skills and learning how to become a better advocate and provider for my clients, and I look forward to taking courses that allow us to put the big picture together.

Why did you choose to enroll at Rutgers University? Can you describe the SSW in 1 word?
One word I would use to describe the SSW is supportive. I enrolled in the MSW Advanced Standing program because I had already fostered connections with faculty and classmates in the BASW program, and want to continue to flourish with them. The BASW program was a great experience for me as the faculty and staff truly put students first and take the time to consider every student's situation. Professors are engaging, selfless, and passionate and share their own stories to help us envision ourselves as the next great social work leaders. 

Would you like to share a message with your fellow incoming students?
To my fellow incoming classmates, I am excited for us to go on this journey together, make lifelong connections in the field of social work, and later call ourselves professional colleagues.

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