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Thank you to Dr. Antoinette Farmer
September 3, 2018

Associate Dean Antoinette Farmer stepped down from her role as the Associate Dean on September 1, 2018.  Dr. Farmer has served in this leadership role for 13 years, across the tenure of three Deans. She has provided the calm, attentive, ethically-grounded leadership that has made it possible for the School to grow and thrive across this span of time. Under her leadership, the MSW and BASW programs have grown substantially, new certificates and programs have been established, and each of these initiatives has received the support and attention needed to be successful. In 2014, following implementation of the recommendations of the Restructuring Task Force, AD Farmer took on an expanded scope of supervision and leadership.  She has just recently led our successful reaffirmation efforts.

In her role, Farmer built the course schedules for MSW and BASW programs, and deployed 72 full-time faculty and over 150 PTLs each year to field the courses that serve over 1,900 students. She worked closely with the Directors of the Ph.D. and DSW programs with regard to course scheduling and University-required assessment programs. She led our Assessment Committee and oversees all assessment processes.  She leds our academic integrity processes.  She served on a plethora of committees and led the academic management team, as well as serving as a lead teacher. She managed a team of support staff and assessment folks while troubleshooting situations with her excellent problem-solving skills.

During her term as AD, Farmer has also maintained a strong research agenda. She was appointed as an Assistant Professor in 1996; promoted to Associate in 2002, and to Full Professor in 2017.  Her scholarship focuses on social work education, research with diverse groups, and parenting behaviors and outcomes. She is first author of the very well received 2014 book, Research with diverse groups: Research designs and multivariate latent modeling for equivalence, as well as three previous books, and many articles.  Of the articles published since her arrival at Rutgers, for the vast majority, she serves as first author.  In addition, she is an active doctoral chair and committee member. She is also actively engaged in grant-funded work, serving as co-PI for several state and SAMHSA funded initiatives, and working on a VAWC research project in which she and Dr. McMahon collaborate with Historically Black Colleges and Universities. She is a member of the Commission on Accreditation for CSWE, is a frequent accreditation and reaffirmation site visitor, and has served in numerous other volunteer capacities with social work organizations.

Farmer will rejoin the faculty of SSW, and will spend the 2018-2019 academic year on a well-deserved research leave.   We thank her for her years of service and offer her best wishes for the coming years as a senior faculty leader at the School. 

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