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The School of Social Work welcomes new students
September 5, 2017


by: Asiya Fricke '18

As we begin the fall semester, we look forward to meeting and engaging with all of our new students who are either embarking on their social work educational journey or moving forward into a graduate program. This year’s incoming class includes students from across the country and globe who are working in a wide variety of fields. 

The BASW program has admitted 165 exceptional students across three campuses. In addition, this fall will be the largest Mays Landing class with 23 students. Out of these 165 students, 25 are male.  

655 individuals will start in the MSW program this fall, 235 of whom are Rutgers undergraduates. Others are coming from schools all around the country including University Of Washington, Cornell University, and the University of Pennsylvania. Over 400 new students are from New Jersey institutions, including a large number of Rutgers graduates. The new class is a diverse group ranging in age from 20 to 67 years old and with undergraduate backgrounds including criminal justice, sociology, theater, anthropology, engineering, and more. 14 exceptional MSW applicants were awarded Deans Excellence scholarships. These students presented an average GPA of 3.39, and demonstrated extraordinary experience and commitment to social welfare.

The DSW program will take in 19 experienced clinicians coming from across the country, aiming to become leaders in their field at Rutgers. Many of these students have worked in various fields including education, the military, mental health settings, and private practices. 

The Ph.D. program  welcomes seven new students from across the country and around the globe—including China and Indonesia. These candidates come from Master’s degree programs at Baylor, Tufts, NYU, and Rutgers; among them, one student is Rutgers University Presidential Fellowship recipient. 

We look forward to meeting members of the incoming class as they join our current students who provide agencies a value of $15 million in services each year. Together, they make the Rutgers community and world a better place to live and learn. 

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