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Rutgers School of Social Work to Host Summer Webinar Series for Students
May 29, 2020

Rutgers School of Social Work is pleased to announce its 2020 Summer Webinar Series for new and continuing students. 

June 17, 12-1pm, “Loss and Coping during COVID” with Associate Professor Judith McCoyd
For new and continuing students
Grief due to loss is part of all human experience, yet the losses during the COVID-19 pandemic range from small to incomprehensibly large. People who attempt to understand all grief as following set rules will find themselves stymied. This session will discuss the theoretical understandings of grief including ambiguous grief, the assumptive world, and disenfranchised grief. We will also address self-care and ways to intervene effectively with those who are suffering.

June 23, 1-2pm, “Field Placement Town Hall” with Mark Lamar, Executive Director of the Office of Field Education and Associate Professor of Professional Practice
For new students
The Field Education Town Hall will provide an excellent opportunity for new students to  learn about and ask questions regarding field work and placement in the upcoming year. This session is designed specifically for new Traditional MSW and Intensive Weekend MSW students who are beginning field in fall 2020.

June  29, 12-1pm, “Social Workers and Public Health” with Patricia Findley, Associate Professor, Director of the Master of Social Work Program, and Special Assistant to the Dean for Interprofessional Health Initiatives
For new and continuing students
Social work and public health are a natural fit with both professions evolving in the early 20th century. Today, social workers are partnering with health care providers in multiple ways to help clients deal with topics such as infectious diseases, chronic illness, aging issues, and maternal/child health. In this session we’ll discuss this important work as well as the types of jobs one can expect with an MSW and coursework in public health.

July 10, 10-11am, “Mindfulness & Meditation: Helping You and Helping Others in a Health Crisis” with Kristy Case, LCSW, OSW-C
For new and continuing students
Mindfulness and meditation are commonly used to decrease stress, anxiety, and depression and to improve sleep and overall health. With the current worldwide health crisis, it is important that you feel trained and empowered to offer these therapeutic interventions. Tools and techniques for working with clients, supporting fellow students, and self-care practices will be highlighted.

July 22, 5-6pm, “SSW alumni – where are they now?”
For new and continuing students
Join recent graduates of the MSW to learn about their journey in the program and how their experiences prepared them for their career.

July 29, 12-1pm “Social Policies, Fathers, and Child Well-Being” with Associate Professor Lenna Nepomnyaschy
For new and continuing students
Half of children in the US will spend some time living apart from their biological father and this is particularly true for children of fathers with less than a college education. Fathers are a key source of financial and non-financial support and their involvement contributes to child well-being. However, economic changes over the last several decades have made it more difficult for lower-educated men to support themselves and their families. In this session, we will discuss the social and economic policies that can promote or inhibit nonresident fathers’ economic prospects and their children’s well-being.

August 11, 12-1pm "Welcome to the SSW Graduate Student Association"
For new and continuing students
As a graduate student at the School of Social Work, you are already a member of the SSWGSA. Join student officers at this special session to learn more about the organization and how it supports the social, academic and professional development of student members.

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