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News from the Rutgers Social Policy Network
October 13, 2021

Today, the Social Work Policy Network offers a glimpse of their weekly e-update.

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How We endUP: A Future without Family Policing
October 26 - October 27. Free. Registration Required.
"Join the upEND Movement October 26-27, 2021 for the second annual convening of organizers, activists, scholars, and community leaders who are committed to dismantling the family policing system* a system predicated on the subjugation, surveillance, control, and punishment of mostly poor Black and Native children and families...Join to strategize how we can, in community, improve support and care for children, youth, and families as we move towards the abolition of family policing."

Governor’s Race Puts Mask and Vaccines Mandates to a Political Test, NY Times: "The New Jersey governor election is one of the first statewide contests to measure how voters feel about strict coronavirus mandates."

Bail reform pays dividends as the number of low-risk defendants jailed pre-trial drops again, NJ Monitor: "In 2014, New Jersey voters backed a constitutional amendment to allow judges to order certain criminal suspects be detained without bail and pushed the courts away from holding minor offenders awaiting trial. Since that measure, ...the number of individuals imprisoned on bail of $2,500 or less while awaiting trial fell to just 14 last year."
NJ bail reform is working.

A Guide to Big Changes for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, NY Times
What is Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)?: "The program allows a variety of government and nonprofit workers with federal student loan debt to have remaining balances forgiven, tax-free. This population numbers in the tens of millions — federal, state and municipal workers; educators; charity workers; everyone on the payroll of a nonprofit hospital and more. But, it has been plagued with issues since its beginning in 2007."

Big Changes Are Ahead. What are they?: "The changes, announced Wednesday, represent a dramatic expansion of a program that can save public servants — including teachers, nurses, government workers and employees of nonprofits — enormous sums. It’s also largely temporary, since there’s an expiration date of Oct. 31, 2022, for putting most of the waivers in motion. More specifically, four hurdles have prevented many from accessing the program. Three of these four hurdles will change."

As a Social Worker, PSLF changes may impact YOU! Click to read more more about the changes, how this impacts you & whether you qualify.

The US Has Used Conservatorships to Exploit Indigenous Peoples, Truthout: "A conservatorship, or a related designation called a guardianship, takes away decision-making autonomy from a person, called a 'ward'. Although the conservator is supposed to act in the interest of the ward, the system can be open to exploitation especially when vast sums of money are involved." Conservatorship has harmed indigenous communities.

Data and Administrative Coordinator, NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault (Lawrence Township, NJ)

Policy and Advocacy Director, NJ Work Environment Council (Trenton, NJ)

Government Relations and Advocacy Manager,Housing Alliance of PA (Philadelphia, PA)

Qualitative Research Coordinator Columbia University School of Social Work (NY, NY)

Campaign Strategist, ACLU (Washington D.C.)

The Social Work Policy Network's e-newsletter is created by:
Brittany Libby, MSW Graduate Student, Network Research Assistant
Dr. Lenna Nepomnyaschy, RU Associate Professor, Network Founder

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