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News from the Camden Campus: Strategic Plans
September 28, 2015

It is quite an exciting time for the Rutgers—Camden campus. It continues to grow with construction plans and additional programs coming in the near future, all outlined in the Strategic Plan, written in October 2014. The Strategic Plan of the Camden campus is the culmination of ideas, concerns and ambitions from the campuses diverse stakeholders, including Chancellor Phoebe A. Haddon. The School of Social Work Camden program has been included in the Strategic Plan, and is a key player in the plan for student growth, the school’s continued involvement in the Institute for Professional Education, and the expansion of a full time Professor of Professional Practice. The campus plan reflects the shared goals of the community for the next five years, and there has already been impressive progress towards implementing their plan.

For example, Rutgers—Camden will utilize market data to discover how best to grow the student population, along with the faculty and staff discussions scheduled in the next few months concerning steps to promote student retention and success. The plan is calling for an implementation committee composed of faculty, staff, and students with a breadth of vision and knowledge of the campus to create concrete steps that will accomplish their goals, using market data as well as other research projects the campus plans to conduct. Also in the realm of student successes, Provost Rayman Solomon soon will announce a mid-January date for a day-long discussion regarding ways to improve advising and ensure better outcomes for Camden students.

The search for a new assistant chancellor for civic engagement is also moving forward according to the Strategic Plan, with Educational Testing Service (ETS) contributing $25,000 to advance the schools K-12 work in Camden and is planning a conference on gender inequality in public schools with ETS.

Also, the Rutgers law schools in Camden and in Newark have submitted their petition for submission to merge to the American Bar Association, and an ABA site team visit to both campuses will likely occur toward the middle of the spring semester. Before the decision is made, each school will open to expand education programs and make available other interactions across Rutgers. The school’s hope is that ABA Accreditation Committee will meet and vote favorably on the proposal before the end of the school year.

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