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MSW Student Gives Back to Community Through Social Work
August 6, 2019

MSW student Shanda Brown has had many jobs over the past 20 years, but she says her career in social work has been the most fulfilling.

Brown has been a community worker at her church and has served domestic violence survivors, individuals experiencing homelessness, as well as youth, young adults, and elderly populations. “Caring for others has been a passion for me, and I have committed my life to helping in any way that I am able,” Brown says. A close friend suggested she apply to Rutgers School of Social Work, and she ultimately decided to attend because of the advantages it offers over other programs. 

Brown particularly enjoys the flexibility of her schedule as well as opportunities to network with her fellow students. She currently works in the Health Resources and Services Administration, a federal program which delivers healthcare to people who are uninsured, isolated, or medically vulnerable. Going forward, Brown plans to work with women and children in low income neighborhoods. Her long-term goal is to establish reliable housing and safety nets for low income families that can’t afford medical care or basic necessities.

“I am working to create teams of professionals that work to alleviate the strife that currently exists in urban neighborhoods,” Brown says. “I hope to work with individuals who are as invested as I am in bringing change to people that represent my family and others like us.”

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