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Mark Lamar selected to Mentor Network for Social Work Management Policy Fellow
October 5, 2020

Mark Lamar, Associate Professor of Professional Practice and Executive Director of the School of Social Work’s Office of Field Education, has been selected to mentor a 2020-2021 Network for Social Work Management (NSWM) Policy Fellow.

Lamar, who first served as a Policy Fellow Mentor last year,  will assist a policy fellow to further their change strategy and thoughtfully develop their work in preparation for presenting at NSWM’s 31st Annual Management Conference in June 2021.  Professor Lamar’s mentee this year is Haley Ingersoll, MSW, who serves as Independent Consultant with the Center for Patient Partnerships in Pittsburgh, PA, where she works on patient advocacy, management, and legislative issues.

Lamar said, "I’m honored to have been selected by NSWM to serve alongside talented colleagues, and I look forward to a successful partnership with emerging social work leaders.”

According to NSWM’s website, the Policy Fellows Program is funded by the New York Community Trust, and encourages social workers in management to be at the forefront of policy. Social workers should engage proactively with policies that directly affect the individuals, families and communities they serve – either to redress those policies that now produce a negative impact, or to promote policy solutions in response to issues made evident in the course of doing the work.

The NSWM Policy Fellows program offers practical training in social work management for emerging and mid-career leaders seeking new experiences and skill sets. The nine month leadership and professional development experience equips participants with core management competencies to inspire, organize, and work effectively with others to advance the public good. Dependent upon the fellow’s interest, the program will focus on the many different aspects of policy management including but not limited to policy advocacy, analysis, evaluation and organizing the community of interest.

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