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February 2018 Faculty and Staff Accolades
February 19, 2018



Emily Bosk had a new article published in a special issue of Human Services Organizations titled:  Human Service Agencies and the Question of Impact: Lessons for theory, policy and practice edited by Jennifer Mosley and Stephen Ragreb Smith. 
Bosk, Emily. (2018). What counts? Quantification, Worker Judgment, and Divergence in Child Welfare Decision-Making. Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance

Patricia Findley has the following papers published and in print: 
Chopra I, Dwibedi N, Mattes M, Tan X, Findley PA, Sambamoorthi U. Non-adherence to Statins and Antihypertensives and Hospitalizations among Elderly Medicare Beneficiaries with Incident Cancer. (2017) Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, 15 (11), 1351-1360.
Wiener, R. C., Shen, C., Findley, P. A., Sambamoorthi, U., & Tan, X. (2017). The association between diabetes mellitus, sugar-sweetened beverages, and tooth loss in adults: Evidence from 18 states. The Journal of the American Dental Association, 148 (7), 500-509.

Miriam Jaffe has a co-authored article published:
Jaffe, M., Floersch, J., Longhofer, J., and Conti, M. (2018). The Social Work and Sexual Trauma Casebook: Phenomenological Perspectives. New York, Routledge Press.

Judith McCoyd has (non-peer-reviewed) articles published:
McCoyd, J.M.L. (2018). Bridging theories of grief since Kubler-Ross: Postmodern grief concepts and perinatal loss (Part II).  NAPSW Forum, 38(1), 1, 4-7.
McCoyd, J.M.L. (2017). Bridging theories of grief since Kubler-Ross: Traditional grief theories and perinatal loss (Part I).  NAPSW Forum, 37(4), 1, 4-6.
These are her speaking engagements:
McCoyd, J. L. M. (2018, January).  Interprofessional Education: Opportunities and tensions. Presented at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Policy and Practice for the health-focused clinical practice classes, Philadelphia, PA.

Notable quotes

Dr. Findley was also a guest interview on Steve Abudato's show, ON THE AIR: Caucus: New Jersey on February 4, 2018. The topic focused on mental health care for veterans.

Sarah McMahon was quoted in Yahoo article titled “Billy Bush says he committed bystander abuse…”

Additional Accolades 

Dr. Sara Plummer has the following good news to report:

As part of her responsibility for the Digital Fellowship Dr. Plummer presented:
Plummer, S. (2018). Thinking about one's thinking: Using VoiceThread to promote metacognition.  

Along with principle investigator Dr. Jane Siegel (professor, FASC-criminal justice) and Co-investigators, Prof. Jill Friedman (associate dean, RLAW), Prof. Kimberlee Moran (associate teaching professor, FASC-chemistry), Dr. Plummer was awarded $13,000 for a multidisciplinary grant called, Wrongful Conviction Policy and Remediation in New Jersey. This grant will explore the viability for a Rutgers based Innocence Project in NJ. 

In addition, she was selected for the Open and Affordable Textbooks Award in order to redesign the course, Groups at Risk. 

Finally, Dr. Plummer presented at the spring 2018 Writing Retreat hosted by the Rutgers Connection Network (RCN) Mentoring Program. 
Plummer, S. (2018). Thinking about one's thinking: Using Modeling and a Parallel Process to get you and your students to take responsibility for writing. 


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