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Faculty and Staff Updates: October 2017
October 30, 2017




Christine Morales and Mariann Bishoff developed a new course, Environmental Justice and Social Work, which will debut spring 2018.  This course will highlight theories to enhance the students’ understanding of “Person-in-Environment” to be inclusive of the physical environment. Students will develop a paradigm regarding the interconnection of social work and environmental justice with an understanding of the bi-directional relationship of people and nature.  Students will examine social work history and create an emerging perspective of social workers’ role with respect to the environment.  This course will help students achieve the updated Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) competency “Advance Human Rights and Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice” by developing awareness of ecological crises, environmental injustices, and movements that are intended to serve marginalized populations.  Students will discuss how social workers can increase equality through advocacy, education, and action.  This course may become a permanent MSW elective, pending student interest and University approval.  


Dr. Sanchez Mayers received the 2017 SAGE/CSWE Faculty Award in Research Instruction during the final day of the CSWE conference held in Dallas this year. He was recognized among his peers for Innovation: Using a Virtual Agency to Give Students Hands-On Experience With Research. Read more here.


Grants and Funding


Erin Capone has this good news to share.  Through a generous gift from Lorri Goldberg, the Bert Goldberg Memorial Endowed Scholarships have been fully funded and will support students in the Management and Policy concentration as well as students in the Israel Study Abroad Program. Thank you to everyone who made a gift to the fund for helping us carry on Bert’s legacy. If you want to support the fund but have not done so yet, there is still time—your gift will increase the amount of scholarships provided to the students. You can contact Erin Capone at if you are interested.

Jeounghee Kim and Myungkook Joo received research project grant to conduct the 2017 NJ Childcare Market Price Study from the Division of Family Development, NJ Department of Human Services. This is a federally mandated study whose results are designed to inform the state's Childcare subsidy program for low-income families with children. This year is their third year conducting the study, and Yen-Ting Liu, 3-year PhD student, will be joining them on the project to assist them with analyzing various data sources (survey, administrative, and public census data) to find out childcare price variations and supply shortage of affordable quality care in the state.  

National Press


Lia Nower was featured in this story by The Washington Post on the casino lifestyle of the Vegas shooter.  The story was also picked up by The Chicago Tribune. Article here.

Stephen Crystal was asked to comment on President Trump’s executive order ending the federal cost-sharing subsidies of the American Care Act, better known as Obamacare.


Antoinette Y. Farmer and Andrew Peterson, along with doctoral candidate, Peter Treitler, have a poster presentation at the Society for Social Work Research Conference, which will be held in Washington, DC in January, 2018.
Farmer, A. Y., Peterson, N. A., and Treitler, P. (2018, January). An IRT analysis of a measure designed to assess the implicit curriculum.  Poster Presentation at the Society for Social Work Research Conference, Washington, DC.

Antoinette Y. Farmer, along with Gregory L. Farmer, Fordham University, Thanh Tran, Boston College, and Keith Chan, University of Albany, will be conducting a workshop at the Society for Social Work Research Conference, which will be held in Washington, DC in January 2018.
Tran, T. Chan, K., Farmer, G. L., and Farmer, A. Y. (2018, January).  Cross-Cultural Research Strategies for Social Work Research: Designs, Measurement, and Interpretations.  Workshop at the Society for Social Work Research Conference, Washington DC.


Jacquelynn Duron has an article published.
Sampson, M., Torres, M.I., Duron, J., Davidson, M. (accepted, October 2017, Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, Latina Immigrants’ Perceptions of Cultural Beliefs of Postpartum Depression.

Professor Vivien Li Anthony has two upcoming publications.
Li, W., & Anthony, B. (2017). Internet and video game addiction. In Oxford Bibliographies in Social Work. Ed. Edward J. Mullen. New York: Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/OBO/9780195389678-0258
O'Brien, J. E., Li, W., Givens, A., & Leibowitz, G. S. (2017). Domestic minor sex trafficking among adjudicated male youth: Prevalence and links to treatment. Children and Youth Services Review. Publish Online First.  doi:10.1016/j.childyouth.2017.09.026



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