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Displaced Lives: A conversation about women refugees
January 29, 2018


By: Asiya Fricke '18

In November, the Center for Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) sponsored "Displaced Lives: The Threat of Violence for Refugee, Displaced and Conflict Affected Women." Jordan Steiner, a graduate assistant for VAWC, says that the event  was held "to bridge the gap between research and practice" and to encourage dialogue about the issues many displaced and refugee women face, with a particular focus on circumstances of gender-based violence. 

Partnering with the Rutgers Institute for Women's Leadership, the Center for Global Public Health, Rutgers Center for Women's Global Leadership, International Rescue Committee, Smile, Sanar, and funded by Rutgers Global, attendees included anthropologists, social work researchers and practitioners, public health workers, clinical psychologists, those interested and working in international affairs, and faculty and students.  

This event is part  one and two of a three part series; these first two focused on Gender Based Violence and Displacement in Country of Origin and Gender Based Violence and Refugees in Transition Countries. After each larger session with expert panelists from research and practice on the topic, breakout sessions were held to allow discussion among participants. 
In these smaller conversations, participants talked about the kinds of assistance that could be provided to women effected, improving cultural competency, the importance of not having a colonial perspective, and providing programming to empower women while remaining culturally aware. "The sessions gave people from many different fields and backgrounds a chance to interact and brainstorm together," says Steiner. 

Part three of the series will be held in the spring and will focus on gender-based violence and resettlement. More details to follow. 

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