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A Desire to Help Others Draw MSW Student to Change Career Paths
August 14, 2019

Sean Weiss never expected he’d become a social worker.

“A culmination of my life experience to date has led directly to the path I’m on,” Sean says. “It’s as if I were on a perfect collision course of self-discovery and finding meaning and purpose in life. It just made sense.”

Originally setting out to be a teacher, Weiss earned his BA in English and found a job at a school while volunteering in South America. Quickly, he learned teaching wasn’t his true passion. Instead, Weiss realized social work best aligned with his core values and life philosophy, so he decided to seek an MSW degree.

Weiss was drawn to Rutgers School of Social Work because of its great reputation and high national ranking. He was also enticed by the specialization programs available, which he couldn’t find at other schools.       

Weiss studies at Rutgers–Camden, which he says has some very unique advantages, including the small campus size, providing ample opportunities for networking with both peers and professors alike.

“Each professor has contributed something different to my experience, and I try to carry that something with me as I move forward. I consider myself very lucky to have had such a diverse student and professor population in my classes thus far,” Weiss says.

Going forward, Weiss plans to earn a LCSW and LCADC. While he doesn’t know what specific setting or population he will end up serving, Weiss is confident his time at Rutgers will show him what path he belongs on.

“I don’t know where this journey will take me, but that’s part of the thrill and fun of it all,” he says. “I know I’ll eventually find my ultimate purpose and direction, but for now I’m content enjoying my last year as a student and intern."

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