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Civil rights leader, Edith M. Savage-Jennings, passes away at 93
November 21, 2017

By: Asiya Fricke '18

Trenton resident, Edith M. Savage-Jennings dedicated her life to fighting for civil rights and enacting positive change.  She passed away on Sunday, November 12  at the age of 93. Savage-Jennings was known for her friendships with Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and his wife, and other well-known figures in the fight for social justice. She also had the distinction of being an honorary guest at the White House under every president of the United States from Franklin D. Roosevelt through Barack Obama. 

Savage-Jennings was  a 25-year board member of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Non-Violent Social Change and was a founder and member of numerous organizations, including The NAACP, National Urban League, Urban League Guild of Metropolitan Trenton and League's Young People for Progress.

Age did not stop her from continuing to rally and march for equal rights. This past January, she attended the Women's March in Trenton, telling the crowd: "I beg and implore you - do not let this be your last march." 

In her lifetime, Savage-Jennings received over 80 awards and honors and has been inducted into the Museum of Women's Resistance in Brooklyn, New York. She will continue to be remembered for her dedication to equal rights, especially on February 19, which the Trenton City Council declared as Edith Savage-Jennings Day.

In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the Edith Savage-Jennings Black Women's Blueprint, 279 Empire Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY, 11225. 

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