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The Camden Office of Field Education announces Field Liaison and Field Instructor of the year
July 10, 2018


By: Katherine Prull '19

Field education is a critical component of each MSW student's education. The program at Rutgers School of Social Work allows them to receive hands-on practice and experience with the supervision of our dynamic and prestigious faculty. Students spend hundreds of hours in the field being trained and making real-life impacts in the community, all while preparing them for their social work licensure. The combination of in-class academic work and intern experience grants students the ability to serve alongside professional social workers under the supervised eye of experienced instructors. 

Each year, the Office of Field Education recognize two outstanding contributors to this program. This year, the awardees are Anita Smulyan for her outstanding work as a field liaison and Deborah Torres in the catgory of field instructor. They received their accolades by Lorraine Howard, a field coordinator, at the Appreciation Continuing Education workshop on June 15, 2018.

As a field liaison, Smulyan facilitates the hands-on internship component of the program. She has been working with the School of Social Work for 25 years. Though she retired from full-time employment, she continues to work with the Office. "I am deeply honored to have been named Field Liaison of the Year," Smulyan says. "I have been a social worker for 50 years, graduating from Temple in 1968. I feel privileged that I have been able to give back to my profession."

Debora Torres, as a field instrutor, aids student in the academic portion of the program. "I am very proud to work at a University that sets a priority to meet the needs of the students and community," Torres says. "The School has a fantastic team of people who really care about the profession of social work and making sure the students possess the knowledge, competencies and skills to be the best social workers they can be. I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experiences with the students as they are such remarkable individuals. I have learned and grown from them as I hope they have done the same from me. I tell my students that every experience is a learning opportunity to enhance our skills to help people who need our guidance and expertise."

For more information about the Field Education program, please visit our page, or speak with someone directly from our field team.

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