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Associate professor named Executive Director of the Center for Leadership and Management
June 12, 2015

Bert J. Goldberg’s leadership experience spreads far beyond Rutgers, or even crosses borders for that matter. Goldberg, associate professor of Professional Practice at the Rutgers University School of Social Work, has not only held several leadership and managerial roles but also worked with governments in, Israel and nonprofits in France Poland, Argentina and England. Not surprisingly, he is now assuming the role of Executive Director of the Center for Leadership and Management starting July 1.

The center’s primary goal is to assist nonprofits, businesses, and governmental agencies in building their management and leadership talents, according to its website. As the executive director for the center, Goldberg wants to launch new programs to provide services to entities involved in leadership throughout New Jersey, he said.

Currently at the center, Goldberg is working with the Division of Family Development in the NJ Department of Human Services. After conducting a study of all the senior leadership in the welfare departments in New Jersey, the center is working to submit a proposal for the project’s second year.

“It’s an opportunity to help people on the grassroots level and help people change their lives,” Goldberg said. “Right now we have helped 21 offices change some of the ways they do business but we have proposed some changes that could help most counties be more effective in their services.”

The role does not come free of challenges. Goldberg said he wants to get a much more secure funding for the center, which is still less than a year old. However, that does not dampen his enthusiasm for the position.

“I am really excited about the position,” he said. “I was pleased when the dean asked me if I would take the role.”

Goldberg will continue to teach “Fund Raising and Marketing” and “Program Development and Strategic Planning” for the School of Social Work as an associate professor.

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