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Virtual Session: NJ Division of Consumer Affairs: Social Work

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (“DCA”), in collaboration with the Rutgers-Newark Career Development Center, welcomes students to join in DCA’s Student Outreach Program (“Program”) specifically designed for those students graduating and entering fields that require licensure by the State of New Jersey. This program on March 5 will address Social Work. As part of the Program, students will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the application process, ask any questions to the Executive Director of the licensing board about licensure, renewal, continuing education and more, and engage with a board member to get an overview of a board’s mission for the profession and the public. The Program will provide the information you need to start the journey in your new profession without hassle and headache!

MSW Students who normally take their courses on the Newark Campus:

MSW Students who normally take their courses on the Camden Campus:

MSW Students who normally take their courses on the New Brunswick Campus and students in the Online, Blended, and Intensive Weekend Programs:

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