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MSW Event: Using Meditation, Mindful Movement, and Yoga for Re-Centering in Terms of Uncertainty

Presenter: Samantha Seigerman, MSW student

Join Samantha as she leads a short meditation and yoga session intended for re-centering as we navigate back into the world as a collective. We cannot always control what is going on outside of us, but we can always come back to our breath. Leave with tools, resources, and skills that will support you far beyond the end of our session. We’ll begin by calming the nervous system with a 4,7,8 breathwork meditation. The session will be followed by a 30-minute yoga practice revolving around Santosha otherwise known as one of the Niyamas (internal ethics) in the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Santosha is sometimes said to be contentment but is more so the choice to feel how you want to feel. Santosha is the choice to be happy rather than waiting to be happy, and recognize that happiness is not something that you wait for, but rather something you choose. While contentment can be difficult to wrap your head around in moments of fear, chaos, and change, this practice will allow you to shift your personal story through the lens through which you see yourself and others. The movement is taught at a slow to moderate pace to allow you to stay tuned into the experience of movement and breath. Props are welcome but not needed to take the class.

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