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Language & Discrimination Workshop

Language and Discrimination: The treatment of people based on their use of language
Hosted by the Camden Office of Field Education & SSW Student Affairs

Click here to register by October 18, 2017. This event is open to current MSW students.

The "Importance of Human Relationships" is one of our core values in Social Work. We recognize the importance of building relationships in helping meet the needs of everyone we serve! This presentation by Dr. Richard Epstein will present a Linguistic perspective on questions such as: what is “proper English” and how did it get to be that way? Is it really ok to deny someone a job - that is, discriminate against them - because of their dialect? Is African-American English just slang? And what’s really wrong with double negatives, anyway? In brief, we will discuss how misconceptions regarding grammar and dialects lead us to make detrimental - and often incorrect - judgments concerning people's character.

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