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CE Event: Screen Smart Counseling

Screen Smart Counseling: A Media-Age Guide for Therapy instructed by Kristin Biri, DSW, LCSW

During the last two decades there have been profound sociocultural shifts in how we use and experience technology. The purpose of this webinar is to demonstrate ways to effectively navigate and utilize technology and social media in clinical practice with adolescents and young adults and to teach mental health professionals and parents how to work with rather than against it. Background information on Generation Z will be presented to strengthen mental health professional’s ability to build therapeutic rapport with the adolescent population. Tools to assess technology usage and screen for risk as part of a bio-psycho-social assessment will be shared. Mental health professionals will also gain creative in-session technologically-based intervention strategies to use with their clients, and foster their abilities to effectively guide parents in the age of technology and social media. This workshop will help you develop more mindful, productive, and responsible consumers of media. [Elective for Child & Adolescent Mental Health Certificate]

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