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Dual Degree: MSW/JD

Master of Social Work/Juris Doctor (MSW/JD)

The School of Social Work, in collaboration with Rutgers School of Law-Camden and School of Law-Newark, has established an accelerated dual degree program in law and social work through which a student can obtain the JD and the MSW degrees. With the accelerated program, a full- time student can expect to complete the requirements for the two degrees in four years rather than the five years normally needed to complete both degrees separately. A student wishing to receive the two degrees will need to satisfy the admissions requirements of the School of Social Work and one of the Law Schools, and then needs to meet the academic standards of both programs throughout the course of study.

  • Eligible programs: Traditional- Newark and Camden
  • How to apply: Complete either the MSW or JD graduate application
  • Years to complete: 4 years

Currently, the Graduate School of Social Work program is a two-year, sixty-credit program or a four-year part-time program. The Camden Law School and Newark Law School programs are three-year 84-credits programs. Each program will award a student in the dual degree program 12 credit hours for course work in the other program, for a total of twenty-four credit hours. The Camden Law School or the Newark Law School  will give Law School credit for the following Social Work three credit courses: Methods of Social Work Research II; Social Welfare Policy and Services II; Advanced Practice I; and Advanced Practice II. The Graduate School of Social Work will recognize any four advanced Camden or Newark Law School three credit courses (2nd or 3rd year courses) as meeting the twelve credits of electives now required. The dual degree program is appropriate for students in Social Work Nonprofit and Public Management (NPPM) or Clinical Social Work concentration who desire a legal foundation which will enhance their ability to function within the contemporary social service and social policy environments. The dual degree program is appropriate for law students who anticipate careers in the social service and social policy sectors of our society.

Application Information

Students will need to apply for admission to the Graduate School of Social Work and to either the School of Law-Camden or the School of Law-Newark. They should contact The Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions at 732-932-7711, to apply online to the School of Social Work. They should also contact the Camden School of Law Admissions Office or the Newark School of Law  for an application and information on the Law School Aptitude Test (LSAT). The program is open to those applying to Law or Social Work, as well as current students in their first year of study in either of the Law Schools or the School of Social Work. The application deadline for the School of Social Work is February 1, the deadline for Rutgers Law School in Camden and Newark is March 15th. 

Course Scheduling

The courses required for the dual degree program must follow a specific sequence.  You may choose one of two ways to complete your requirements.  The first option is to begin at the School of Law and the second is to begin at the School of Social Work. Sample Schedule (PDF)

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