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Lauren Snedeker

Lauren Snedeker

Assistant Professor of Teaching, Coordinator for the Aging and Health Certificate Program

MSW, New York University; DSW, Rutgers University

Aging experience, mental health during older adulthood, and caregiving


Lauren Snedeker is an Assistant Professor of Teaching and Coordinator for the Aging and Health Certificate Program at the School of Social Work. Her areas of practice and scholarly interests focus on the aging experience, mental health during older adulthood and caregiving. Educating and encouraging MSW students about the rich, clinical experiences that exist in gerontological social work is her passion.

Assistant Professor of Teaching Snedeker’s research focuses on debunking dominant narratives of the aging experience through qualitative inquiry. Most recently, she conducted an explorative study with older women aging alone without readily available caregivers in New York City and the ways they channel their own resiliency. She hopes her research will contribute to better program and policy development for the aging population.

She holds a Master’s degree in social work from the Silver School of Social Work at New York University and received her Doctorate in Social Work from Rutgers School of Social Work. Over the course of her career, Assistant Professor of Teaching Snedeker has worked in diverse settings serving the older adult population, such as hospitals, nursing homes, senior centers and privately by conducting home visits. She has experience working with individuals, families and caregivers. Additionally, Assistant Professor of Teaching Snedeker has developed trainings, graduate-level curricula, content for continuing education events and professional conferences, and articles on age-related topics.

Courses Taught: 

Fall 2020
Advanced Contemporary Policy: Aging
Clinical Social Work: Aging

Selected Recent Publications: 

Online and Print
Snedeker, L. (2018) Understanding Depression and Aging - Guidance for Social Workers. Social Work Today.

Snedeker, L. (2018) Educating Communities about Dementia. Social Work Today.

Snedeker, L. (2017) Isolation and Aging - Causes and Impacts. Social Work Today.

Snedeker, L. (2016) Strength in Numbers; A Millennial’s View on the Value of Working with Older Adults. Social Work Today.

Book Chapter
Snedeker, L. (2020). Untouchable loss: Marion’s story of her missing self-esteem. In J.L.M. McCoyd, J.M. Koller, & C. A. Walter, Grief and loss across the lifespan: A biopsychosocial perspective (3rd ed.). Springer Publishing.

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