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Charles Chear

Teaching Instructor, Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Newark Campus Coordinator

BA, Sociology, University of Massachusetts MSW, Boston University School of Social Work

Mr. Chear’s interests are immigrant and refugee families, labor, health and place, alcohol policy, social welfare, and the informal economy.

(848) 932-7520 x2

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Charles Chear 謝平傑 is Instructor, Assistant Director of Student Affairs and MSW Newark Campus Coordinator at Rutgers University School of Social Work, Newark campus.

Chear’s current research examines children and families of immigrant and refugee microbusinesses, such as liquor stores, bodegas and street vendors, to better our understanding of labor, health, social welfare, and the informal economy.

His professional experience in social work settings range from, but are not limited to, homeless services and community organizing in Boston, behavioral healthcare with the Tohono O’odham Nation and International Rescue Committee in Arizona and education programs for American youth of color in Cambodia and Mali.

Chear earned his BA in Sociology and certificate in Asian American Studies at University of Massachusetts-Boston and MSW with a specialization in Trauma and Violence at Boston University. A native of Philadelphia's Southeast Asian refugee community, he speaks Teochew Chinese 潮州話, Khmer (Cambodian), and English.

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