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Faculty & Staff

Ayse Akincigil

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Rutgers University, Department of Economics

Dr. Akincigil's current research interests include health care quality, Medicare and disparities.


Dr. Akincigil is a health economist, interested in reducing inequalities in health care quality through reforms in health care financing and delivery models. Her research relies on administrative data from public and private health insurances, enhanced with survey and ecological data. With the commitment of producing evidence to improve health care quality for the most vulnerable segments of the population, she joined the faculty at Rutgers School of Social Work after her terminal degree. In addition, she is a faculty member at the Rutgers Health Economics and Outcomes Program, and the Institute for Health- the leading population health institute within Rutgers. She had published about care quality for various populations/disease including mood disorders, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease, and behavioral issues in foster care children. Presently, she is leading a portfolio of research on Medicare financing/delivery policies on care quality and their downstream impact on disparities.

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