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MSW Statistic Course Requirement

An introductory statistics course, which covers descriptive and basic inferential statistical procedures, is required of all MSW students before they begin any advanced (second half of the Program) courses or field placements.

There are no exceptions to the School’s statistics requirement. 

The School will review new student transcripts to determine if they have met the statistics course requirement and confirm their status.

If a student does not meet the requirement, she/he may take a statistics course at Rutgers University, a local community college, or through the School of Social Work’s Office of Continuing Education. 

The School offers the summer online course, Data Analysis for Social Workers.  For more information or to register for Data Analysis for Social Workers, visit

Any new student having difficulty finding a statistics course, want to confirm that a particular course will meet this requirement, or have any questions regarding this requirement please contact our Office of Student Affairs.

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