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The Office of Student Affairs at the School of Social Work utilizes online forms through which students may report changes to their contact information (e.g., name) or request changes to their academic program (e.g., to switch MSW program or campus). 

To report a change to personal contact information, visit

To request a change related to academic status, visit for the forms listed below.

  • Leave of Absence: for use by students with academic, financial or personal issues that prevent them from taking classes for a semester
  • Notification of Withdrawal: for use by students who wish to withdraw from the MSW program
  • Change in Status: for students who wish to request a change in status in their program for which they originally enrolled
  • Rutgers RBHS Exchange Form: for use by students who wish to cross-enroll at RBHS (School of Public Health)
  • Transfer Credit: for students to request transfer credits
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